Need Technical Support?

Technology is powerful when it works properly, but the real test of our IT services comes when you have a problem. Our rapid response includes remote assistance, enabling us to be there when-ever, where-ever, and for what-ever you need us.

Single point of contact
A single point of contact makes sure we won’t pass you on to someone else, translating to less frustration and down time for your staff.

Support hotline & Remote assistance portal
We’re here for you. After phoning the Support Hotline, please fill in the form below to allow us to establish a support session on your computer.

A small Applet will be downloaded to your computer when the session starts, and will be automatically removed when the session ends.

Toll Free:          1.888.7.REFLEX (1.888.773.3539) x 611
Toronto:           416.849.4856
Calgary:             403.440.3595

Begin session
Please enter your name in the form below to establish a remote support session: